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Is there anything more romantic than giving or receiving flowers? Flowers just seem to make people happy, whatever the occasion. Flowers at funerals brighten the mood, release a soothing scent, and help grieving family members feel remembered and loved during their time of need.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day are perhaps the most natural time to give flowers to someone you care for. But nothing beats having a flower arrangement delivered to your sweetheart's work for "absolutely no reason at all." She'll be the talk of the office all day!

The flowers most commonly used in professional floral bouquets actually have individual significance, depending on the variety. The right flower given on the right occasion may convene even more than you think!

-- Roses usually top everyone's list of flowers to include in an arrangement. Beginning with its roots in Greek mythology (Aphrodite was thought to have given one to her son Eros), it has come to symbolize love and desire. The color of rose you send can be very meaningful: opinion varies widely on this, but some say that red means love, yellow means friendship and exuberance, white means innocence, and orange means passion. Not sure how you feel exactly? Send them all!

-- Lilies are a large, showy flower that is often used for both happy and sad occasions: white lilies, for instance, are often used for both weddings and funerals. Their soft scent is soothing and otherworldly. The yellow lily, which typically denotes happiness and friendship, is more commonly used in bouquets for other occasions.

-- Carnations are absolutely terrific. They come in a wide variety of colors, are relatively inexpensive, and last a very long time. They are commonly used as fillers in bouquets, but they are, of course, beautiful enough to give all on their own. They are a popular flower for boutonnieres and corsages. They are especially stunning when paired with the light and airy look of baby's breath.

-- Iris means "rainbow" and was a symbol of faith in ancient Greece. They come in a variety of striking colors, such as deep purple. The smaller, oriental variety is most commonly used in bouquets. They emit a delicate fragrance and are very popular focal points in any quality flower arrangement.

Whether you want to say "I love you" or want to express sympathy, friendship, or any other emotion, flowers are a timeless and beautiful way to show that you care about someone very special.

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Over the course nineteenth century, several books were released on the subject of the flower language, which helped to supercharge the enthusiasm for flower gifting in Europe and the United States throughout the Victorian Age.

However, during this period, the language evolved further, with even some flowers taking on the opposite meaning of what they had previously indicated. These changes still represent the symbolism we recognize today.

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